Welcome To Uganda Children’s Centre


A vibrant self-sustaining Centre of excellence which transforms vulnerable children and young people to society members who are able to contribute to community and national development.


To empower vulnerable children and young people with skills, knowledge and the right attitude through training, psychosocial support and advocacy on child rights for sustainable development.


  • This section sets out the objectives the organization was established to achieve;
  • To facilitate the development of youth through training in relevant skills and education.
  • To advocate for, promote and protect the rights and welfare of orphans and other vulnerable children and adolescents through initiating projects to equip them with skills and knowledge.
  • ┬áTo work with other partners in child welfare activities in a bid to protect child rights in Uganda.
  • To minimize the prevalence and incidence of STD/STI/HIV and AIDS among both the in and out of school children and adolescents.

Core Values

  • Team Work
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Result Oriented
  • Commitment
  • Honesty
  • Mutual Respect