The conception of the idea starts with a Belgium based association called Maison Des Enfants Du Monde in the year 2000

The organization is registered with the National NGO board with its reference number as S. 5914/3386 securedon 24th November 2000.


  1. To advocate for, promote and protect child Rights and welfare of orphans and other vulnerable children/adolescents through initiating and partnering with other active child welfare organizations
  2. To work towards a cultural theory of development through networking with families, communities, schools, local and international organizations and the government to develop children’s potentials as individuals and in groups.
  3. To minimize the prevalence and incidence of HIV/AIDS and STI/STDs among both in and out of school children and adolescents
  4. To facilitate the development of children through training in relevant skills, education information gathering, research and individual enterprises.