About Us

adminofficeUganda Children’s Centre or UCC is a charitable civil society organization strategically located on Plot 392 along Salaama-Munyonyo road in the capital city of Kampala. The organization is registered with the National Post office under Post Office Box number 24127 Kampala. The area within which the organization is located is densely populated with low-income earning community.

UCC was formed in 1998 by a group of professional social workers who had worked with various children organizations and agencies in Uganda. The organization is non-governmental, non-political, non-denominational, and non-partisan and non-sectarian that was initially established for charity purposes in 2000. The group is legally registered with the NGO Board, registration number is S.5914/3386 acquired in 2000.

The group came together to form an organization that would harness community needs and demands as well as provide direct services to the disadvantaged out-of school children and young people in urban areas. These include children experiencing exploitative circumstances and others in dire need of humanitarian services.

UCC started with a drop-in centre in 2003 with support from European partners known as “Masion des Enfants du Monde”, based in Belgium. These partners provided 100% funding for the “Formal Education Program”. Several other programs including the apprenticeship program were offered by the centre. However, the implementation was not as effective especially since the local artisans abused the time invested by the trainees on the apprenticeship program. Much of the trainees’ productive time was spent doing work which didn’t benefit them at all.

Subsequently a meeting was convened with the partners to discuss how to identify potential donors to finance a proposed centre to centralize all the trainings. Fortunately, another Belgian based NGO called Enfants Tiers Monde committed to fund a fully-fledged centre initially for two years i.e. 2008 and 2009. However, since the centre had not yet become self-sustaining, the contract was renewed for another two periods (four years), i.e. 2010/2011 and more recently 2012/2013. Note that this new funding continued in parallel with the funding for formal education.

Purchase of land and subsequent construction was completed by October 2008 and all structures were ready for use. They include the administrative block, vocational workshops, dining hall, transit home, and the guardians’ home. The vocational 1st intake took on 120 trainees to fill the first six courses offered. The courses included computer studies, electrical and electronics, hairdressing, tailoring, carpentry & joinery and catering.

The rehabilitation home (transit home) was also opened and 50 children were recruited. Two caretakers were recruited. In a way to mobilize community members, management organized local community sensitization workshops to keep communities around the center with information and knowledge about the social issues in the community. The organization owns the land on which it is situated. The land is private mailo land plot 392; block 262 situated on 1.3 acres in Mengo district.