Formal Education

Education scholarship project (ESP):

This project started way back in 2004 after UCC social workers noticed the increasing number of children of school going age who were not going to school in communities where they carried out activities. When UCC management shared this challenge with its donors, they took up the idea and promised to share it with their colleagues abroad. It was all smiles when news arrived that the project had been approved though starting few numbers. The project therefore started with 12 children who basically hailed from slum communities on the outskirts of Kampala City.

UCC, with financial assistance from its partners namely MEM, ETM and FY&F have continued to sponsor children benefiting from its projects to acquire skillful education at tertiary Institutions. As unemployment rates continue to rise among the youth which is significantly due to lack of appropriate market driven skills and funds to foot education training among others, UCC has always provided alternatives by sponsoring less privileged children and young people to acquire vocational skills as well as attaining University education.

For over ten years the organization has given opportunity to multitudes of children especially those hailing from poor urban communities to access quality education at primary, secondary, and tertiary levels. Many children had completely lost hope and had started manifesting unruly and unbecoming behaviours which caused a big threat to their lives, families and communities where they lived. A lot of transformation has really been realized among these children especially those who got the opportunity to follow our programmes with some coming back to the Centre to volunteer as a gesture of appreciation to the organization. With quality education attained at all levels, we are continuing to see many of them winning good employment opportunities at different companies which has really improved the quality of life in their homes.

UCC continue to invest more in these programmes because evidence is very clear that the achievements realized by these children have also been passed on to their families and communities where they stay. This has significantly enabled the environment to experience development which is probable of addressing many issues that had kept many families in extreme poverty. Thanks again go to our donors who continue to mobilize funds to facilitate these programmes as forecast to induce sustainable development in these areas

The year 2014 symbolizes the tenth year of support to the youngsters and their number has increased to 100 per year. Already 20 children have gone through the ladders of education and have attained Tertiary education including university, technical and business training. 5 have already graduated from different universities namely; Makerere University, Uganda Christian University, Kampala University and CIDA Campus University of South Africa. UCC has already gone ahead to employ some of the graduates in its projects.