Appreciating Financial Support To Education Scholarships and Covid-19 Response

Appreciating Financial Support To Education Scholarships and Covid-19 Response

The management of Uganda Children’s Centre extends appreciation to MEM under the leadership of Ms. Eva Valle for the education scholarship funds transferred to the organization to cater for school fees, scholastic materials and COVID-19 food and non-food items.

Most of the beneficiaries have had serious trying moments due to effects of COVID-19. The majority are slum dwellers and dependent on adults yet the caretakers are low-income earners involved in informal sectors such as community markets and other employments described as dirty, difficult and dangerous. The COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected most small business holders who only work on hand to mouth basis. Most businesses have collapsed and the breadwinners have completely lost incomes to fend their homes. We therefore thank MEM and partners for intervening to support UCC at a time when it was incredibly desired.

UCC found it imperative to visit these children and their families to assess the conditions they were experiencing. It was established from social workers that conditions in homes were very
appalling. UCC management started contacting well-wishers to solicit support towards these families. Among the people and institutions that responded include MEM, our longtime partner. MEM provided funds that were used to purchase both food and non-food items for COVID-19 relief. Many children were happy for these donations that came at the right time.

Since COVID-19 is still prevalent and spreading high in Urban Centers, UCC continues to share precautionary measures of observing SOPs among the beneficiaries. We thank our children and their families for keeping safe. Apparently, UCC constituted a COVID-19 committee charged with the responsibility of ensuring prevention, supervision, referral and treatment are adhered to in accordance to Ministry of Health guidelines. We have also printed some IEC materials to help in the dissemination of information on COVID-19.

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