Covid-19 Delays Full Re-opening Of Schools In Uganda

Covid-19 Delays Full Re-opening Of Schools In Uganda

Uganda government declared national lockdown on 20th March, 2020 after guidance from the COVID-19 National Task Force and World Health Organization. Education Institutions at all
levels namely; Pre-primary, Primary, Post-primary and Tertiary Institutions closed. UCC Vocational Institute closed in compliance to government directives.

However, during lockdown, UCC received 61 street involved children to undertake training in vocational skills. Management recalled some staff especially instructors to conduct training for children already interested in vocational skills. In November 2020, the government allowed reopening of schools only for candidates and finalists in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. The easing restrictions gave opportunity to students at UCC to come back and attend their trainings. However, this created some challenges to the institution in terms of Appreciating Financial Support To Education Scholarships and Covid-19 Response offsetting daily expenses and salaries for instructors. The smaller number of learners couldn’t settle most of the requirements of the day.

However, we thank our partners who donated food which made it partly possible for management to contain the situation. Some support towards street involved children enabled us go through the period without complaining.

The 3rd term for candidates and finalists was initially supposed to start on 4th January, 2021 but was extended to 18th January, 2021 due to National Presidential and Parliamentary elections. Apparently, the government announced that semi-candidates in primary, secondary and students in Universities and other tertiary institutions will resume studies on 1st March, 2021. The academic year for 2020 is planned to end in July, 2012. However, the government has ordered vaccines for COVID-19 totaling to 18 million which will be administered starting with March 2021.

Accordingly, phase 1 will target frontline health workers, teachers, elderly and people with chronic conditions. When most people have received the vaccine, other children in lower classes will be allowed to resume their studies in a staggered manner. However, Nurseries and Kindergarten will not resume until the situation is completely stable. As child advocates, we entirely thank the government for this proposed program which seem to be practical and workable. UCC will continue to observe the SOPs as well as encouraging students to comply

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